Mike at Tree Fort Bikes

I recently placed an Order for a shoulder brace at a company, Tree Fort Bikes.  I have never ordered anything from them before, but was looking for a particular type of shoulder brace for my man.  He liked the one at Tree Fort Bikes.  When I placed the Order, I Ordered Fed Ex.  We are in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and in a later email to the company about my Order, I explained it this way:

“I believe that it was Fed Ex Select or three day, one or the other, I realize that it could possibly be as fast, or faster with Priority Mail, the only reason I ordered Fed Ex was because the problems with the Stone Mountain Post Office. The carriers, even though we are here 24 hours a day, will be damned if they will blow the horn, or walk up to the house to leave a package. Fed Ex and UPS have no problems, if we are gone, they know where to leave a package, but Postal will not, to save their lives do anything that takes any kind of sense.”

Anyway, I had found out that the package was inadvertently shipped out via USPS.  When I found out, I emailed the company with my fur all up and ready to start hissing.  The email that I received in return, was immediately calming, I don’t know why.  Usually I am still a bit of a hot head when someone does not follow directions/instructions properly.   The email, from a man named Mike, for some reason, had me feeling like I wanted to explain my ire, so part of my email is above in the pink.  I realized that it was not Tree Fort Bikes that had pissed me off, it is this growing unhappiness with Stone Mountain Post Office Postal Carriers.  I will save it for another day.  This is about Tree Fort Bikes.

They have gone out of their way to make me happy, and I told Mike:  “I so much appreciate your assistance, and will gladly give the company a good reference to those we know that use anything at all that you carry, and a good word on at least one of my blogs, not to mention that you have gained a loyal customer.”  Now, that I have kept my word, I feel all the better.  What do they call it?  Pay if forward?  Where someone does a good thing, and in turn you do a good thing, and on, and on, and on….

For anyone, who needs support braces… Knee, shoulder, or anything I guess having to do with Bikes, try them out, they are well worthy of your business, and stand behind the business, so unlike many today.  Happy Sporting!


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