What Partly Cloudy Used to Look Like

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5 thoughts on “What Partly Cloudy Used to Look Like

  1. So true, our partly cloudy now is actually smokey we have a fire in county and also looking at possible thunderstorms.


      • That makes me think of how naive I once was, and years and years ago, when the weather would seem unreasonable for the time of year, or the area. I would say something to the effect that the govt should quit screwing with the weather. Ha! Like I said, I was naive once upon a time. I have grown up a lot since then.
        I can say, if it were up to me, yall would get rain, not like it rains nowadays, but like it did fifty years ago, when I think, the weather was controlled by natural forces that had no agenda, and nothing to gain…. 🙂


      • LOL I used to blame cloud seeding.Our fire (The Dodge Fire) is burning north of my location and they are not telling us a containment level yet. I live in the middle of the Lassen national forest 40 miles from an active volcano, Mount Lassen and in an area called a fire belt. Fires are a yearly event here. hoping for rain asap still.


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