California mayor escalates ‘sanctuary city’ war, and Sessions returns fire

California mayor escalates ‘sanctuary city’ war, and Sessions returns fire
By Brian Lonergan, opinion contributor – 03/16/18 10:00 AM EDT

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deny the obvious: when it comes to immigration policy, there is a de facto cold war being fought between the state of California and Washington, D.C.

Libby Schaaf recently fired the first shot.

If California vs. D.C. is a cold war, Mayor Schaaf’s actions threaten to make it a hot one. Until now, California’s defiance of federal law has been mostly passive. The Golden State presently has 35 communities that have proudly enacted sanctuary policies to protect illegal aliens from federal immigration authorities. California’s SB 54 went into effect at the start of the year, officially banning local officials from asking about a person’s immigration status. Schaaf’s disclosure represents a much more proactive form of rebellion.

The feds are not amused. Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a lawsuit against the state, charging that SB 54 and two of its other immigration laws violate the Supremacy Clause. Before an audience of law enforcement officers in Sacramento, Sessions unloaded on Schaaf while adding that he recently signed condolence letters the previous day to the families of two law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

“Here’s my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you?” said Sessions. “How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda?”

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan likened Schaaf’s actions to that of a “gang lookout” and said that more than 800 criminal aliens were able to escape the raid as a result of her warning. Homan has long insisted that by prohibiting state and local officials from cooperating, ICE agents are forced to deal with illegal aliens at their residences and other places that increase the danger to both sides. Homan and others have suggested that Schaaf and politicians who act similarly should face obstruction of justice charges.

In damage control mode, Schaaf issued a statement in which she proclaimed, “I know that Oakland is a city of law-abiding immigrants and families who deserve to live free from the constant threat of arrest and deportation.”

That statement explains a lot about the disconnect between open borders politicians and reality. In the upside-down world of California politics, illegal aliens are “law-abiding immigrants,” even though their very existence in the country constitutes a violation of federal law. Along the same line of thinking, those who break our immigration laws deserve to “live free” from any accountability for their actions. This is lunacy and shameless political pandering. Far down the mayor’s list of priorities, apparently, are the real law-abiding citizens of her community who still have more than 800 convicted criminals roaming free among them who should not be there.

While the immigration issue inspires enough passion on its own, California’s extreme position on it is tearing at the very fabric that holds our republic together. The precedent set here is an ominous one. What other federal laws may California decide tomorrow should no longer apply to it? What if numerous other states decide to follow their lead? Instead of immigration laws, what would be the effect if states chose to ignore federal laws on, say, firearm purchases, abortion or same-sex marriage? The result would be nothing short of chaos. The slippery slope here is steep, and California is willfully hurtling down it at breakneck speed.

Schaaf and others like her are doing great damage to the country. They are undermining the rule of law and encouraging illegal activity. Those who act out of such political expediency are putting their constituents, both citizens and illegal aliens, at risk. States should not be in open rebellion to the federal government on matters of national security. Like most wars, this one is not likely to end well for anyone.

Brian Lonergan is director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm working to defend the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.


From Liberty Beacon: Dr. Offit, and Bill Gates, Purveyors of Misery Death Through Vaccines

Two Famous Purveyors of Misery & Death Through Vaccines
Posted by: TLB Staff
Published May 8, 2015, filed under HEALTH

Vaccine run
Courtesy the Liberty Beacon
By TLB Contributor: PAUL FASSA

Dr. Paul Offit, the premier vaccine promoter and spokesperson, is not necessarily a media darling, but he gets lots of favorable press and gets passes on anything he says no matter how ridiculous. Then there is Bill Gates who was once criticized for not being philanthropic and has since changed to … ? What are Bill and Melinda really promoting with their vaccination programs.

Starting with Offit, he has profited from anywhere to 30 to 45 million or more for his involvement with creating and patenting the most current rotovirus vaccine, RotaTeq. Rotovirus is considered the viral source of intense, potentially lethal diarrhea in infants and young children.

He also put himself in position with the CDC, as a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to help create the market for his rotavirus vaccine – effectively voting himself rich to have it approved as part of the CDC’s vaccine “recommended” schedule for infants and young children.

RotaTeq in France


Paul Offit’s RotaTeq is administered to the newly born. France’s Directorate General of Health received a report from Technical Committee of Pharmacovigilance that cited at least two infant deaths recorded from RotaTeq along with 508 adverse side effect events of which 201 were considered serious since 2007. Serious probably means life-long debilitation of some sort.

This all boils down to France’s medical bureaucrats wondering if the RotaTeq vaccine should be part of a mandated vaccination schedule. But declining royalties won’t hurt Offit. He grabbed his estimated $40 million for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) $180 million dollar sale of the royalty rights.

But according to Age of Autism’s thorough analysis of the obscurely hidden financial machinations involving the royalty rights sales to investment companies, it appears that Offit and his two co-inventors have been and will be continuing to share 15% of Merck’s international sale royalties until the patents expire in 2019.

The Age of Autism’s in depth analysis, “Counting Offit’s Millions: More on How Merck’s Rotateq Vaccine Made Paul Offit Wealthy” is an eye-opening disclosure of the economics of the vaccine industry.


Merck is the manufacturer of this vaccine, and Offit is also paid as a PR representative for them.He has written several books promoting vaccines and has publicly stated babies could withstand 10,000 vaccinations in a day without harm. He later changed it to a thousand from 10,000.

Offit has also claimed the aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines are great for helping the fetus develop in pregnant women. There have been hundreds of miscarriages and still births reported by women who had been vaccinated during pregnancy, as “recommended” by the CDC. Offit is one of the most celebrated and respected medical authorities in mainstream media. So you see what kind of crap we’re up against.

Shifting to a True Mainstream Darling – Bill Gates and His Vaccination Campaigns

Ah yes, Bill Gates, the harmless geeky “genius” who has many under his spell. He is responsible for countless deaths and countable cases of NPAFP (non-polio acute flaccid paralysis), 47,500 cases in 2011 alone.

Non-polio AFP is clinically similar to wild virus polio, except it is more lethal and comes from the live virus in oral polio vaccine (OPV), which was finally banned in the USA and UK because it was causing polio to those who drank it while they in turn infected others via viral shedding.


But hey, gotta make money. So peddle OPVs to third world countries and get a buyer to provide them. The buyers are usually governments and international agencies such as the UN or WHO. But occasionally a third party investor steps in as a philanthropic gesture. Now enters Bill Gates.

Gates is on record in saying that “people who engage in anti-vaccine efforts kill children.” But in a video recorded live lecture, Gates mentioned how the proper strategy of vaccinations could result in a 15 percent population decrease. That statement appears just before the end of this clip.

Most considered that a slip of the tongue, one that was never amended by Gates, who usually pathetically worms himself out of tight spots like a cornered nebish (a person cute in a dorky sort of way). That usually fools most fools that comprise the bulk of our population.

By the way, Gates did not completely foot the bill for vaccinating so many children in India with OPVs. He pitched in with UNICEF and the WHO to kick start the “eradicate polio in India” campaign. Once it was started, Gates became a lead lobbyist urging the Indian government to foot the enormous bill of vaccinating 170 million children five years of age and younger.

The 47,500 cases of non-polio AFP, 12 fold higher than normal and coinciding within the time frame OPV doses were administered, was from a report published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. And more cases may have started since 2011 from vaccine shedding by those vaccinated.

So how come Gates isn’t aware of this anomaly of so many coming down with polio symptoms that are worse than regular wild polio while boasting that now India is polio free? Well, change the name and the original disease no longer exists. Instead of polio it’s polio like diseases, like non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (AFP), which is even more lethal than wild polio paralysis.

But the press raves about how polio has been eliminated in India. Perfect PR trickery to cover-up the tragic consequences of this vast vaccination campaign

Looks like Gates is on the road to dropping the world’s population by 15 percent with strategic vaccination campaigns. How much more will occur from Monsanto, in which Gates is heavily invested and campaigning for third world acceptance, remains to be seen.

Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for and The Liberty Beacon project. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s valiant contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Visit his blog by following this link and follow him on Twitter here.


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